Is Your Website Ranking Terribly?

Is Your Website Ranking Terribly?

Is Your Website Ranking Terribly?

A business website

creates a platform for your customers to connect or shop. But a website provides you with so much more.  

Your site collects data, metrics, and other analytic insights which you can leverage to keep your business successful. One of the best things to do for continued success is tracking your website ranking. 

Below is all you need to know about the importance of website ranking and how search engine optimization contributes to high website ranking. 

Tracking Website Ranking

If you have a website, you harvest a ton of data including, but not limited to:

  • Number of visitors and page views
  • How visitors navigate to your website
  • Duration of your visitors’ stay
  • Visitor demographics
  • Visitor search queries that landed them on your page
  • The search engine visitors used such as Google or Bing

These analytics help you determine how well your website ranks in the digital marketplace. Carefully analyzing your data develops insights and provides metrics by which you can improve your SEO and ranking. 

Why Do I Need To Implement SEO?

1.Optimized websites earn more traffic

A well-optimized website always earns more traffic than non-optimized websites. The reality is that SEO enhances your search ranking. An SEO enhanced ranking increases traffic, which translates to more customers and leads. Businesses that use SEO to increase their ranking see, on average, a tenfold uptick of unique visitors within one year. The simple truth is that a business employing a cohesive SEO strategy enjoys a distinct advantage over competitors.  

2.Optimized websites bring clients to you 

You want people to visit your website with the intent of purchasing your product or service. When potential clients enter the online arena of competing businesses, they use a search engine, usually look at the first page of results, then make a selection from those first page results. Potential clients don’t venture beyond the first page, so it is critically important for your website to pop up on that first page and grab their attention. SEO is the way that you ensure your potential clients easily find your product or service.

3.Optimized websites help crush the competition

Google Analytics reveals that 30% of clicks go to the top result on Google, 23% of clicks go to the second result, and 18% of clicks go to the third result. That means a whopping 71% of users focus on the first three search results found on the first page. The importance of being included in those top three results cannot be overstated! In order to optimize and stay ahead in an ever crowded and competitive digital marketplace, you need to create a cohesive SEO strategy.

Final Words

Tracking website traffic and implementing SEO to improve it is the best thing you can do for your business’s success. If you don’t know where to start, get in touch with us. Our team specializes in Search Engine Optimization. Using your existing analytics, our team will craft a specific and cohesive SEO strategy that will move your website up the ranks on Google. Contact us now to start scaling your website today! 

Social Media Advertising’s Big Five

Social Media Advertising’s Big Five

Social Media Advertising’s Big Five

Businesses adopt

thousands of different marketing strategies to create buzz about their product, service, and brand. The most cost-effective and beneficial marketing strategy is social media advertising. 

Social media advertising reaches people who use a variety of social media platforms. One of the key advantages of social media advertising is the cost, which is incredibly affordable with a sky-high return on investment. In fact, businesses that use social media advertising see an almost immediate increase in traffic, leads, and sales. 

The following five social media platforms are among the best for any business to start advertising with:

1.Facebook Advertising


Facebook boasts 2 billion (billion with a “b”) monthly users who can share messages, pictures, videos, and other media with each other. That means an advertising campaign on the platform has the capacity to reach 2 billion potential customers. That’s almost 1/3 of the entire planet’s population! The insane reach is why Facebook reigns as the universal social media network. Facebook ads constantly reach millions of people no matter across the globe. Because of the pervasiveness of Facebook, it is a lead generating monstrosity. Businesses using Facebook’s lead generating process can expect to spend about $1 per lead; the affordable price and massive reach make Facebook Advertising the undisputed heavy-weight champ of social media advertising.

2.Instagram Advertising

A subsidiary of Facebook, Instagram (a social media platform that focuses on pictures and videos via a mobile app) also has incredible advertising potential. Self-reported analytics reveal that Instagram has more than 500 million monthly users. Instagram sucks in ½ a billion monthly users, but the company also commands the highest user engagement rate of any social media platform. Facebook may have the raw numbers (2 billion!), but it’s baby company, Instagram, dominates with an engagement rate 58% higher than its parent company (FB) and 2000% higher than Twitter. A higher engagement rate means that users who find your business via Instagram advertising spend more time engaging with your content and learning about your brand. While Facebook reaches the widest audience, Instagram’s audience digs deepest which makes it the second-best bang for your buck in social media advertising.

3.Twitter Advertising

Not reaching quite as large an audience as Facebook, nor Instagram, Twitter has more than 330 million monthly active users (about the population of the USA, the 3rd biggest country in the world) who microblog using 140-character messages (“tweets”) to interact. Unlike other social media platforms that are used for advertising, Twitter can grow your business’s brand for free. All you need to do is to reach out directly to your audience and speak to them directly via Tweets. However, Twitter also offers paid targeted ads to pop up in potential customers feeds. 

4.Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest, a social media platform that is largely image based, is large among women. More than 81% of its users are women. Similar to Instagram, Pinterest has a highly visual component that advertisers can use to show off their brand. Because of the strength of visual advertising on Pinterest, it ranks highly for e-commerce sales and transactions.

5.Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat, a multimedia messaging app, reaches the young adult demographic. Snapchat’s posts are temporary, a feature that makes it popular with a market share of 40% in the 18–34-year-old social media using category. As more people use Snapchat, businesses followed. Snapchat offers a variety of advertising packages in a variety of price ranges. 

All in all, social media advertising is the most cost-effective form of advertising. As a business that seeks expansion through advertising, it is critical to adopt a proper social media presence and campaign. 

The Interesting Benefits of Local Hosting

The Interesting Benefits of Local Hosting

The Interesting Benefits of Local Hosting

Web Hosting

is essential for any website owner. Moreover, finding the right website hosting service positively impacts your business. 

Additionally, there are several advantages to selecting the right website host for your site. Listed below are five critical benefits.

1.Reliable server and customer service

Local web hosting increases website uptime. Uptime refers to the amount of time that your website remains online. Fortunately, local web hosts provide virtually 100% uptime. There are small lapses in service during which server repairs, maintenance, and security updates occur. Outside scheduled downtime, daily attacks from the web and other technical issues arise that may hamper the uptime of your website. Should your website unexpectedly go offline, a benefit of local web hosting is fast and effective customer service. Because the website is locally hosted, help will just be a call or text away—no long waits on hold!

2.Local technical support

As mentioned previously, the immediate and helpful customer service provided by local web hosting is incredibly valuable. Technical glitches happen, and your websites sometimes goes down. During those times of heightened stress, strong local technical customer support is key to getting back online. An issue that plagues non-local web hosting is poor customer service. Often, as a cost-cutting strategy, those (non-local) web hosting companies outsource to the lowest bidder, often third world countries, meaning language barriers, long wait times, and low paid workers. When website downtime translates to lost traffic, business, and money, you don’t have the luxury of wasting precious moments on the phone waiting for a solution. A local hosting service provides excellent round the clock technical support from local professionals who will resolve your issue quickly. There is no real comparison between the two types of hosting; local hosting wins out every time. 

3.Excellent email and domain service

Local hosting companies take the stress out of creating your domain. The importance of professional looking email cannot be overstated. Local hosts create and provide unlimited professional emails for your domain, but in a large web hosting behemoth, there are a few problems: first, you have the drudgery of creating emails; second, non-local web hosting businesses offer limited professional email addresses; third (and final), the specialized technical skills needed for implementing emails is laborious and time-consuming. Local hosting companies take care of emails for you, leaving you more time to focus on the business side of your business.

4.Artistic and personalized web design and style 

Non-local web hosting services offer bland choices for design and templates. The effect is that everyone who uses that service look identical, and to stand out in a sea of drab symmetry requires skill. Local web hosting companies usually offer unique and personalized website design. A creative and attractive site leads to improved web presence and brand recognition. In addition to providing expert designing service, a local web hosting company provides the technical support to grow your website’s online presence 

5.Superior website security

Security is the number one concern for website owners. The online world is dangerous with viruses, scams, and other external attacks lurking. As a website owner, you collect and store sensitive data which must be safeguarded against those threats. Local web hosting services provide advanced security options and local technical support and service not found with other web hosting platforms. 

Final Thoughts

Running and maintaining an online business isn’t easy. For your business, a safe & smooth running website is critical to online success. Finally, using a local web hosting service allows your business to partner with and thrive with a community-based neighbor.

It’s Simple, Your Brand + Client = $uccess

It’s Simple, Your Brand + Client = $uccess

It’s Simple, Your Brand + Client = $uccess

Your brand

has many facets but all revolves around your clients. It defines how you want to be perceived and by extension how your clients are perceived.  

Your brand communicates your promise to your present and potential clients in a crowded marketplace. Ultimately, your brand represents a commitment to consistency that your clients will come to expect.

The critical question then is, “how does branding impact client behavior?” Continue reading to discover five industry secrets about the impact of branding on your clients!

1.Effective Branding Creates Desire

Clients are human. And it is human nature to want the shiniest, brightest, coolest new thing. This is why branding tends to mythologize customers, causing them to feel like they are the shiniest, brightest, coolest new thing. The journey of desire and the storytelling of a brand therefore is an attempt to enhance the client’s perceptions of themselves when they use a product. An example of this is the luxury car line Mercedes-Benz. When people think of Mercedes-Benz, they dream about caviar and wealthy social circles. Thus, people desire a Mercedes-Benz because they desire the lifestyle that the luxury car represents. 

2.Effective Branding Validates

Your client wants to feel good about themselves when buying your product. When your brand is effective, your client feels as if they have made a good choice–and even more importantly–the right choice. As a result, your brand becomes a representation of your client’s identity, and, if done effectively, your brand creates a loyal client who advertises and amplifies your business. 

3.Effective Branding Creates Community

Universally, humans feel the need to belong to a community. Shrewd marketing agencies know this universal human condition and create ads that convince people that buying a certain product makes them part of a tribe. Apple knows this and their marketing arm does an incredible job of creating their tribe, or community. One only has to look at the long, winding lines outside of Apple stores when the newest iPhone comes out to see the effect of their marketing. 

Do their consumers need the newest generation phone? Probably not, but the ritual of waiting in line and buying the newest iPhone creates a sense of community unique to their brand. Apple’s success in creating a strong, dedicated community that feels a sense of belonging contributes to their incredible success in a crowded tech marketplace.

4.Effective Branding Creates Loyalty

Part of keeping your clients with you is building their loyalty. Consider Amazon’s ability to build itself into a juggernaut in the online retail world. Through exceptional customer services and a willingness to meet and often exceed their client’s expectations, Amazon crushes competitors by capitalizing on customer loyalty. When people shop online, the preferred destination is almost always Amazon. While Amazon may be an extreme outlier with their success, you can implement the primary strategy of building loyal customers through exceptional service and a superior product, a product which your brand symbolizes. 

5.Effective Branding Symbolizes Status and Prestige

Your brand and logo represent a truth about you and your client. Think back to Mercedes which represents a luxurious lifestyle, or Apple which represents the hippest and most elite tech in the market. Likewise, your brand confers a certain amount of status and prestige to your clients. 

In closing, your brand represents the promise that you make to your client. Proper branding builds a relationship between your client, your product, and the open market. As a result, an effective branding strategy is critical to achieving success.