Is Your Website Ranking Terribly?

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A business website

creates a platform for your customers to connect or shop. But a website provides you with so much more.  

Your site collects data, metrics, and other analytic insights which you can leverage to keep your business successful. One of the best things to do for continued success is tracking your website ranking. 

Below is all you need to know about the importance of website ranking and how search engine optimization contributes to high website ranking. 

Tracking Website Ranking

If you have a website, you harvest a ton of data including, but not limited to:

  • Number of visitors and page views
  • How visitors navigate to your website
  • Duration of your visitors’ stay
  • Visitor demographics
  • Visitor search queries that landed them on your page
  • The search engine visitors used such as Google or Bing

These analytics help you determine how well your website ranks in the digital marketplace. Carefully analyzing your data develops insights and provides metrics by which you can improve your SEO and ranking. 

Why Do I Need To Implement SEO?

1.Optimized websites earn more traffic

A well-optimized website always earns more traffic than non-optimized websites. The reality is that SEO enhances your search ranking. An SEO enhanced ranking increases traffic, which translates to more customers and leads. Businesses that use SEO to increase their ranking see, on average, a tenfold uptick of unique visitors within one year. The simple truth is that a business employing a cohesive SEO strategy enjoys a distinct advantage over competitors.  

2.Optimized websites bring clients to you 

You want people to visit your website with the intent of purchasing your product or service. When potential clients enter the online arena of competing businesses, they use a search engine, usually look at the first page of results, then make a selection from those first page results. Potential clients don’t venture beyond the first page, so it is critically important for your website to pop up on that first page and grab their attention. SEO is the way that you ensure your potential clients easily find your product or service.

3.Optimized websites help crush the competition

Google Analytics reveals that 30% of clicks go to the top result on Google, 23% of clicks go to the second result, and 18% of clicks go to the third result. That means a whopping 71% of users focus on the first three search results found on the first page. The importance of being included in those top three results cannot be overstated! In order to optimize and stay ahead in an ever crowded and competitive digital marketplace, you need to create a cohesive SEO strategy.

Final Words

Tracking website traffic and implementing SEO to improve it is the best thing you can do for your business’s success. If you don’t know where to start, get in touch with us. Our team specializes in Search Engine Optimization. Using your existing analytics, our team will craft a specific and cohesive SEO strategy that will move your website up the ranks on Google. Contact us now to start scaling your website today! 

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